Vat not included

Power of antioxidants for your youth *

Consists of natural antioxidants essential for our body like spirulina, spinach, parsley, vitamins A, E, C which help against oxidative ageing. Contained Peptide lysates LC-Lc enhance the antioxidant effect of ingredients.

Energy 130 kJ / 30 kcal
Protein 0,3 g

of which saturated fat

0,03 g     

0 g


of which sugar

9 g

0 g

Salt 0 g
Per 1 serving (10 g) % RI**
Vitamin C 30 mg 50
Zinc 7,5 mg 50
Vitamin E (TE) 5 mg 50
Vitamin A 400 μg 50

**Reference Intake

Supplement Facts: isomaltulose, spirulina powder, natural flavoring “kiwi”, spinach powder, silica Neosyl GP (anti-caking agent), parsley leaf powder, zinc L-asparaginase, ascorbic acid, stevioside, tocopheryl acetate, hydrolyzed liquid biomass Peptide Lysates LC-Lс (lactococcus lactis based), natural color “copper complex of chlorophyll”, retinyl acetate.

Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of the skin.

Vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Instructions for use: Dissolve the powder of the 1 sachet (10 g) in 150-200 ml (or in 300-350 ml if used together with ALFA SHAKE) of cold drinking water, juice, or your favorite type of milk until smooth, may use a shaker. The taste intensity depends on the amount of liquid added. Dilute immediately before use.

Storage instructions: keep at temperature ≤ 25oС in dark place with no more than 75% relative humidity. Keep out of reach of children.

Release form: powder in sachets 5pcs X 10g (50g)

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