We are proud that our products are made from natural ingredients of the highest quality using the latest generation technologies.

Our products are manufactured on modern lines using the latest high-tech processes and meet the most stringent legislative requirements for quality standards. Production is located in Siberia in an ecologically clean taiga, in an area of ​​more than 20,000 m2.

Some of the key advantages of this complex are:

  • Bank of its own latest development of dietary supplements
  • Modern biotechnology
  • Own strains of bacteria
  • Own scientific experimental laboratory
  • Many patents for inventions and scientific developments
  • Implemented quality control at all stages of production: from research, testing of samples to final production and delivery
  • Quality and safety management system in the enterprise according to ISO 22000 and GMP standards
  • Raw materials and finished products are tested according to 2000 parameters in an accredited laboratory for quality and safety control

Innovative natural ingredients

The ingredients included in the composition are made from plants growing only in ecologically clean areas. The key to an effective and high-quality product is a reliable and trusted manufacturer of raw materials.

AGenYZ is fully committed to the research and development of advanced nutrition technologies.

Our proven suppliers of ingredients are not only a guarantee of consistent quality throughout the life of the product, but they are also scientific centre’s that conduct their clinical trials of the effectiveness of the raw materials produced.

Our supply partners include companies from Russia, France, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Iceland, Peru, the USA, Switzerland, China and Japan.